Do you want to feel less pain during your cycle and to enjoy more every day of the month?

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Welcome to my page!

Whether you suffer from period pain...

Or you’re feeling overwhelmed by your hormonal imbalance...

Or you want to develop healthier eating habits, but the “monthly” cravings stop you…

Then you are in the right place.

Hi, I’m Alina.

I’ve had serious issues with my cycle. Irresistible period pain, extreme mood swings and cravings, irregular cycles, abdominal cramps and back pain- I had it all. Since I was a teenager, I started seeing specialists in the hope to understand what was happening to me and how to treat it.

After a long battle, I found my personalised treatment that combines integrative nutrition, medicine and wellbeing. During my journey, I became a qualified practitioner able to help my clients improve their fertility, period and pregnancy challenges.

I want you to feel better and see that there is a solution for you. Any hormonal imbalance can be treated naturally. You can have pain free periods and become pregnant after a long period of trying.

I have plenty of resources on nutrition, menstruality and women’s mental health. There is everything you need to help you feel better. Furthermore, you can always contact me if you need one-to-one support.


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