5 reasons to love your period – Woman Today

1. It’s one of the reasons why you are here

Your period helps you create life. Its’ healthy functioning contributes to your wellbeing and to your capacity to give life to another human being. When you take care of your cycle and you pay attention to what does it tell you, you do actually pay attention to all your body and organs as everything is interconnected within you. A healthy menstrual cycle means a healthy body and soul.

Let’s be proud of who we are and feel lucky about the gift the Universe gave us.

2. It is a diagnostic tool

Your menstrual cycle is one of the tools you have at hand to monitor your overall health. A good awareness of your cycle patterns can save your life. Your menstruation is not just related to your reproductive system but to all the other organs in your body. If something happens to any of those, it is 99% likely that it will also affect your menstruation patterns. Thus, paying attention to those might help you preserve your health.

3. It’s your stress-management best system

Menstruation by itself is a method to cleanse your body by physical and emotional tensions. It allows you to properly rest and recharge. When you are connected to your cycle and practice cycle awareness, you will understand and accept differently the normal ups and downs. You will experience a special kindness towards yourself and you will be living in a better equilibrium with yourself.

4. It relieves “oxytocin”, making you feel happy and positive

If you accept to take a step back and get some rest when you start bleeding, your body will thank you by eliminating a high dose of the hormones called oxytocin.This will “repair” your body and soul and you will feel recharged afterwards. During your period all your hormones are low, which means that you might experience a low mood, little energy and an important need of rest. If you accept to do NOTHING and feed your body and soul with what it needs while bleeding, you will feel psychologically much more stable later.

5. It’s your first tool in becoming a better version of yourself

Practicing menstrual cycle awareness means to be more opened to yourself and the world. Getting to know yourself better involves hard work and a high level of consciousness. Creating space and accepting your boundaries during your vulnerable times mean that you reached a state from which you won’t probably go back. This journey is yours and it is really up to you where yo want to go. Anyhow, it is a beautiful experience you have the chance to embrace and you should do so.

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