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I believe that understanding who we are and how our bodies function is so important when we want to sync with our cycle. We might need different time lengths in our journey of self discovery but what is important is to get to the end and to be able to say that “ok, now, I know what my values are, what is important for me, who I am and who I don’t want to be”.

As much as we want to believe that we live in an equal society, I do believe that women still tend to give in more than they receive. For us is just so much more natural to put ourselves on the second place that we do not realise at the time the impact this has on us.

Later, when things bottle up and different effects become obvious, we come to realise that we have to start taking care of ourselves. And even if we are not in a relationship yet, or we do not have a family, or other responsibilities in our hands, we might feel sometimes that is difficult to be a woman. A second gender. And still, we do everything with an open and loving heart, we are happy and feel grateful for who we are. 

I do not wish to anyone to lose themselves in their life’s responsibilities and forget about what is important for them because like phones, we are useless if we are not charged. We have to take care of ourselves and of our health (physical, emotional, social, spiritual or intellectual) and to respect our limits.

My aim is to help you become more aware of who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses and to offer you the tools you need to understand your body, your menstrual cycle and how this works. To be able to see when something is not alright for you. It is sad to say but we have never been taught anything about our own feminine health. How we are different from masculine and how we have different needs.

Did you know that there are more scientific research carried out on men than women? And that the results generalise apply for both genders? Although we are different in any single aspect and some things that work for men can cause harm to us?

Your body is a wonderful machine and it would be such a pity to not offer the attention and care it needs to serve you properly and to be perfectly aligned together.

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