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Toxins appear everywhere. From the air we breath, to the technology we use and the food we eat, our bodies are exposed to enormous quantities of toxins. Every disease known by humans (diabetes, cardiovascular, autoimmune, etc.) is associated with an accumulation of toxins around certain organs.

To be honest, our bodies know better how to deal with pathogens than with toxins. This because toxins are quite new and our bodies do not know much about them yet. So in most cases, toxins are quite independent and do their own stuff in our bodies, which always is damaging to our health. Usually, toxins are able to suppress the immune system. The continuous increase in toxicity around us might be the only best explanation we have at the moment for the rise in autoimmune, chronic diseases and infertility.

Toxins will always be around and perhaps, with time, our organism will learn how to deal with them. However, by then it is rather our responsibility to pay more attention to the choices we make in order to reduce toxicity rate.

When toxins damage our enzymes, they stop the production of hemoglobin in our blood, which accelerates the process of aging. It can also lead to failure of energy production and weaken our protection against oxidative stress. This can lead to tumours, such as: cancer.

An average, we are exposed to about 700,000 toxic chemicals a day. We can imagine…it is impossible to not have any in our body. However, we can decrease this number by taking more care of what we expose ourselves at and at what we put in our bodies.

How to cleanse your body from toxins


  • Fasting

Fasting is a good way to give your body a break. You don’t have to fast for days, but you can try once a week for a couple of months. The first month is usually the most challenging one because the body is not used to such restrictions. Afterwards it will become more natural to you and you will see how good you feel the next day.

What to do: during your fasting day, it is important to mostly rely on herbal tea and water. If eating nothing just seems impossible to you, try some light vegetable soup or vegetable juices. No caffeine or fruit juices should be consumed during this period. Also, please do pay attention at how you feel during this time. Your body is restricted from food and thus, you might experience irritability, an easy depressive mood, or fatigue. Some people prefer doing all sort of activities to keep themselves busy and to not think about it, while others prefer to rest and stay chill. It is really up to you depending on your personality to see what suits you best that day.

Remember that this is a restorative and cleansing day. The main purpose of it is to pay attention to you and notice how you react to it. If you see that over three-four weeks your fasting days are as difficult as at the beginning, perhaps try other method.

  • Drinking veggie juices

Some people like this one. You can go for the extreme and rely on juices only for 3-5-7 days, or you can alternate. Don’t eat anything solid until launch time. Have juices for breakfast instead. This can help clean your colon and digestive tube. However, precautions should be taken and make sure you are prepared to follow this cure. If you want to go for a couple of days of juices only, the best way is to start preparing your body gradually. Try 1-2 days first, take a 5-6 days break and then try again, add one more day this time.

  • Eating only certain foods

Eating only veggies for a couple of days is a very efficient method to cleanse your organism. However, vegetables should be consumed steamed or raw. No oil, sugar, salt, sauce, etc. should be added. This method might be easier to follow as eating something solid might make you feel full and more satisfied.

  • Using herbs

Some herbs, such as psyllium, aloe vera, marshmallow root, and slippery elm will help you clean your colon. These plants have laxative effects so drinking more than one cup a day is not recommended. Ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper are also a good choice because they contain antimicrobial phytochemicals. It is supposed to kill bad bacteria. You can have up to three cups a day.

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