Immunosuppressants and Covid-19 vaccine

People with auto-immune diseases are particularly at risk of experiencing a negative experience with Covid-19. Furthermore, they might not respond appropriately to the vaccine.  Immune suppression does appear to decrease the antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines. However, research shows that the vaccine is safe and has no other side effects than the ones already known. The main consequence for immunocompromised people rests the inefficacy of the vaccine in protecting them against Covid-19.

There are different opinions on how these people should “prepare” for the vaccine. Some specialists agree that the timing should be adjusted and those who take treatment might need to stop it before having administrated the vaccine. This will depend on the type of the treatment (if it is topical or not) and it has to be discussed with the specialist beforehand. There is a useful medical article that explains each type of treatment and everything we know so far regarding Covid-19 vaccine and immunosuppressants.

Vitiligo and Covid-19 vaccine

MyVitiligoTeam interviewed Dr. Richard Huggins on the danger the Covid-19 vaccine might pose to Vitiligo people. According to his research and opinion, people suffering from Vitiligo won’t be affected by the vaccine in any way. Their immune system is overactive and attacks things it shouldn’t but it does not put people more at risk in this situation. Moreover, treatments that are limited to the skin (topical creams or light-therapy) will not interfere with the vaccine as they do not enter inside the body. In the worst-case scenario, if the body’s immune system is a bit weaker because of the treatment, this means that the vaccine won’t be as efficient as it is supposed to. No any other side effects are reported to date.

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Interestingly, I did some research to see if the vaccine can induce an auto-immune disease and I found that to present, we have two cases of patients without an auto-immune history who developed Vitiligo post-vaccination. They have been vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna. It has been approved by specialists that the Covid-19 vaccine might have contributed to the on-set of the disease somehow, although researchers did not find any clear explanation for it.

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