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Can you truly lose weight and eat what you want? The answer is YES. Losing weight shouldn’t be a punishment unless you are really aiming for a low BMI. In this article, you will find out how to lose weight easily and how to improve your relationship with food.

In this article I will talk about intuitive eating and how it can help to lose weight

Intuitive eating -is a well-researched paradigm and it is important to know that it is not a diet. Compared to diets, where the focus is on food restriction, here we focus on things we can control- such as behaviour. By trying to change behaviour and bad habits, we can build a lifestyle that will last over time and that will help us to preserve health in the long run.

Can I still lose weight with intuitive eating?

Of course. If you are interested in intuitive eating, there are high chances that you have already tried most of the diets and you came to a clear conclusion- they do not provide long term results. I am sure that if you want to lose weight, you also hope to improve your relationship with food, feel less stressed about food and enjoy the process of nourishing your soul and body.

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How does intuitive eating work and why does it make losing weight easier?

When you decide to become an intuitive eater, your focus will shift. In the beginning, it is important to talk to your therapist/ dietitian/ nutritionist about your real target. I really hope that your objective to lose weight is not any bigger than your objective to improve your relationship with food. If it is, then you might transform the process of eating intuitively into a hunger game.

Intuitive eating also means becoming more friendly with your body and listening to what it tells you. Setting the boundaries together and respecting their limits is important. Your body will tell you what his needs are and how you can help it feel better. Finding the power and courage to listen to this is magical and not everyone is able to do it. Perhaps this is another reason for the increased rate of chronic diseases nowadays. Eating intuitively means relying on what your body communicates to you.

How does intuitive eating work for me?

It’s simple. It switches your focus. Instead of focusing on how you look, you will learn to focus on how you feel. Maybe you want to feel less obsessed with food, or to overthink less, or to feel more pleasure and to be more relaxed around food. No one is ever perfect and we will never respect something 100%. Acknowledging that we are human beings with human needs and that we have to feel before we are something or someone is an important step of becoming an intuitive eater.

Conclusion on how to lose weight easily

if you want to improve your relationship with food, intuitive eating is for you

if you tried diets and noticed they do not work, intuitive eating can help you lose weight by switching your main focus

if it is difficult for you to respect food restrictions, intuitive eating can help you relax and become more confident around food

intuitive eating helps you preserve health in the long run

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