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Now that Christmas is around the corner, it is important to make sure you feel great and have an amazing time with your loved ones. Don’t forget that your cycle is probably still on, so have a look and see which phase you will be in during the holidays. Your menstrual cycle can impact your emotions and mood, so taking care of how you’re feeling and having the right tools to cope with it, will make a huge impact.

If you’ll menstruate, you might want to postpone some visits, wear some loose clothes and chill. If you still have to go and visit “those” friends, take it easy and be aware of your mood. Try and avoid being reactive to what’s happening around you. Maybe someone says or does something that annoys you, just reflect and try to not take it that personal this time.

If you’ll ovulating, you might want to go social, see as many friends as possible, go out and enjoy the Christmas period as much as possible. This is also the moment to have friends over, be the guest and show yourself to the world.

If you have PMS, then again, you might prefer some chill time without too many people buzzing around and taking your peace away.

Once you know….

Once you know which phase you are in, you can start to organise your schedule and sync it with your period. You will feel such a relief knowing that you have prepared the right clothes, that you have already decided when to have friends over, etc.

Have a think about that spirits, wine and coffee too… If you’re tolerance is low, maybe you should try and reduce the amount you consume during the holidays. This way you are sure that no extra pain will be added to the plan.

Tell your partner

Your partner should know all of this. Maybe you two have to do some arrangements, so he can take care of certain things when you are not able to do so. This way he won’t be surprised if you suddenly ask him to go to the pharmacy, take the kids out during the day or help you around the house.

Prepare for the worst

And in case your cycle is irregular, just prepare for the worst. Now you are covered for what’s more difficult :).

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