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Organisation tips will help working women stay confident in what they do and feel they have everything under control.

Everyone is looking for a lifestyle where each area is in balance. Let’s be honest: it’s difficult nowadays to do and enjoy everything at the same time. However, if some organisation techniques are included in the everyday routine – all working women will feel more productive and less stressed. Because, hey, you got it all planned!

1. Planning is essential

If you want a well organised month, you have to plan it. Take some time and invest it into seeing what the priorities of the month are. Perhaps you have to schedule some medical checks for you or your dear ones. Or maybe you have some important events to attend. First of all, having a clear idea of what is important this month and where you have to be present will help you organise it better. Anyone should invest in organisation strategies. They help to get a visual idea about what that month will look like.

Planning is a great organisation strategy that is used for centuries by successful people. And indeed, it can be time-consuming and annoying as you cannot always stick to your agenda, but it helps you visualise your main targets.

2. Share tasks and ask for help

For working women, work will NEVER end. You will often have more rotas per day and jump from one to another. If you have children, they will take a significant part of your time and I know you love dedicating it to them. However, do not forget that there are two adult people responsible for the children. It is important for everyone’s health to engage your partner in children’s education from a fragile age. You can create together a schedule with who is picking who from school every week, or who is taking who to the dancing or football class. You got the idea: sharing tasks and responsibilities will give you some time to breathe and enjoy the present moment.

Often partners do not engage because they are not given the space to do so. They might need more time to do a task, so women will jump and do it for them instead. But this is not always good. Giving them some space and confidence means to accept that it might take longer, that it might be different, but switching perspective is important. Accepting that things can be done differently is an accomplishment for working women who tend to only count on themselves.

3. Working women should sync with their period

A long time ago, I wrote an article entitled “Menstrual cycle map”. This was meant to help any woman, better understand each phase of the cycle and how to sync with it. Check it out to better understand what your body is going through each month and how you could help it. Also, if you are interested in a self-care plan during ovulation when you are social and ready to conquer the words, read this.

Your period can be a real stopper that will prevent you from having a great time. If you know that you are suffering from PMS, that you are in pain during your first days or that you need your inner time during the entire menstruation, consider this when planning your month.

Perhaps you can ask your partner for help. Discussing your needs with your partner will not only release some extra pressure those days, but it will also help him understand what you are going through. Many couples confirmed that sharing these experiences and discussing over period challenges has helped them communicate better and value more each other’s feelings.

If one of your priorities is to go out with some friends, try and schedule it during your ovulation period when you are going to feel more social and communicative. Do not book it during your PMS or the first days of your bleeding if you know it is usually going to be challenging to go out of the house. Similarly, if you want to have a massage, go to SPA, get a facial, etc., make sure you book them before or after your menstruation period.

4. Working women should know to prioritise

When you have such a heavy agenda, it’s easy to get lost and forget about important things. But what are the priorities for this month? What has to be done and what can wait for longer?

Atomic habits is a great book if you are looking to change or break bad habits that stop you from achieving your goals. It is important to know what to focus on when you have a thousand things to do and all have to fit in a certain time frame.

Take the time and reflect. Write down your targets and visualise them. Then break them into little steps and take one at a time. Include one step in your weekly or monthly planner and this will bring you closer to your target. You will accomplish it before you even realise and it will feel great.

So, do not forget that everything starts with one little step and all big targets are a sum of many little parts. Sometimes it can be scary to think of the big picture. This can overwhelm you and make you feel incapable of accomplishing it. This is why you have to break it down. Do not think of the end product. Think of the step ahead of you, plan it well and do it at your best. Do this every time and you can achieve everything in this world. Your mind is your limit.

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