About me

After a long battle with PMS and irregular cycles, I managed to heal myself naturally with supplements, nutrition and a good self-care routine.

I am a total geek when it’s about women’s health, wellness, integrative nutrition and hormonal balance. I spent my last couple of years studying about psychology and how female’s brain works. I’ve done research on the influence of hormones on our physical and psychologically health and I applied hundreds of methods before healing my hormonal imbalance.

I created Woman Today with the objective to pull together all my knowledge and to use my experience to offer to women support in healing hormonal symptoms and recovering from period pain. Woman-Today aims to help you better understand your body and how you can improve your reproductive health.

Women's health, integrative nutrition and hormonal balance in my 1-1 coaching sessions

I wish women could have access to all the information they need to feel better about themselves. This is why I aim to provide here, the most up-to-date information regarding any menstrual problems.

In my 1-1 coaching sessions, I offer natural treatments, advice and solutions to heal hormonal imbalances and to help women experience less pain. Together, we will develop a personalised plan that will help you feel good, healthy and confident.

Nutrition and lifestyle plans will be provided to suit each menstrual phase because I want you to maximise the results and to be able to use your body’s energy in line with your internal state.

Interested in healing hormonal imbalance and period pain?

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